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Copy Solutions, Inc. is an Authorized Xerox Platinum Sales Agent, Dealer, and Reseller covering the Greater Los Angeles area, representing the Xerox Corporation. The company is known for selling the best document solutions in the industry on an exclusive basis. Our purpose is to provide document solutions.

Xerox solutions can integrate office, production, and data-center digital printing into a single seamless, transparent and user-friendly network. Document solutions will continue to deliver optimum performance and improved cost-efficiency. Other Xerox products perform a wide range of additional document management functions.

Xerox has developed numerous document management solutions tailored to satisfy the needs of specific industries and customers.

The document is the single most important vehicle for the transmission of information between people. Information carried within documents can be presented n different forms, most of which can be transposed between various media.

Customer satisfaction is our agency’s number one priority. We, here at Copy Solutions, anticipate your document needs and are able to provide services that exceed all expectations. This includes accommodating you with friendly bilingual representatives fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Internally, employee satisfaction is Copy Solutions, Inc.’s goal. To meet this challenge, Copy Solutions, Inc. wants all employees to achieve personal success and reach their financial goals. Therefore, Copysolution, Inc. provides an environment where all employees are encouraged to develop their abilities, utilize their full potential and share their ideas and accomplishments to further their success and the company’s. In this way, employees will develop pride in their accomplishments, show improved confidence in their capabilities, and increase their financial rewards.

Satisfactory profits are essential or the business will not survive and grow to serve our customers, employee associates, or the community. Therefore, Copy Solutions, Inc. will always operate our business efficiently so that the company can maintain profitability in the present and in the future.

Copy Solutions, Inc. is committed to this mission statement by providing the best possible service and value to our customers, by earning our customers’ patronage, by providing profitable growth to the company, and by enriching the lives of all our associates and their families.

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