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Managed Print Services

You’re in the midst of a content explosion. Companies have more paper and digital files than they know what to do with. We’ll help you organize content, cut costs, streamline processes and print less with our Managed Print Services.

How Managed Print Services Work

When it comes to printing, most companies have five 
simple requirements:

  1. Cost savings.
  2. Sustainability—both environmentally and fiscally.
  3. Printing from mobile devices.
  4. Security, governance and compliance.
  5. Automating paper-based processes.

Here’s how we’ll help you get there.

Assess and Optimize

We’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your print environment, document infrastructure, and workflows. This will give you an accurate baseline of your current print spending. Then we’ll develop a roadmap for your ideal future state, including cost savings projections. See more on Assess and Optimize.

Secure and Integrate

Transition from your current state to your ideal future state design with our help. We’ll also help connect everything to your IT environment in a secure and compliant way. This is when we’ll turn on solutions for secure printing from mobile devices and take over the responsibility of managing your print servers and print queues. See more on Secure and Integrate.

Automate and Simplify

Sit back and relax while we manage the day-to-day operations of your print and document infrastructure. Through ongoing data collection, review and analysis, we’ll help you continue to improve productivity and the end user experience. We can also help you to automate paper-based processes with the goal of further enhancing productivity through reduced printing. See more on Automate and Simplify

This is the Xerox Managed Print Services approach. It has worked with thousands of clients around the world. Find out how this process could help your business, too. For a free Managed Print Services consultation, please contact us.

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