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Business Intelligence

Understanding your customers takes more than intuition. Xerox delivers the insight that fuels better decisions.

The more you know, the better

It’s hard to make good business decisions based on anecdotes and gut feelings. When it comes to customer care, we’ve found that hard data and actionable insight form the foundation of smart business decisions

Xerox business intelligence solutions give you the visibility to spot trends, discover opportunities, and learn more about your customers. And when you know more, you can make the kind of informed decisions that reduce costs, prioritize spending for maximum return, and improve the customer experience.

We offer the tools and talent

Sometimes you need more than sophisticated analytical and reporting tools to help you tease out the truths in your data. That’s why our customer care business intelligence solutions include both expert services and technology, including:

  • Comprehensive Assessment Team (CREATe)
  • Customer Speech, Text, and Predictive Analytics
  • Social Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Lifecycle Support
  • Data Warehouse Integration

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